A versatile tray, cut from beautiful authentic marble offcuts. Our pieces promote multi-purpose functions, allowing you to use them in any area within your space. Use them as a centrepiece for your coffee table, as a tray for your bathroom accessories or a place to show off your jewellery next to your bed and so much more! The possibilities are as endless as your creativity. 

Vena Aqua

  • To keep in line with our ethos of sustainable production, our trays are cut from larger slabs of marble waste. This makes each tray totally unique. While some may look similar to the pieces photographed, others may vary slightly in colour and tone depending on where it was cut on the slab. 

    As marble is a naturally occurring stone, this means that natural 'pitting' or lines deep within the material can occur, and is totally normal. 

  • 15cm x 25cm